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Degusta Box December 2014
Gloworm Premium Mixers

Rethink Your Drink with Gloworm Premium Mixers

If you think gin is married to tonic, bourbon or rum are ‘acquired tastes’ and

vodka is strictly for cranberry, then it’s time to rethink how you drink spirits.

Introducing Gloworm drinks, a brand new range of four premium mixers.

Gloworm, available in bars and clubs across the UK, is a range of sugar-free

& taurine-free mixers, specifically blended to give spirits a new lease of life

and people the chance to enjoy more interesting flavours.

Raspberry & Orris is a lively fusion of fresh raspberry flavour, enhanced with

notes of orris from the iris flower, giving Gloworm a delicate floral twist that’s

vibrant with vodka.

Cucumber & Apple is a scintillating union of crisp, green apple flavour,

balanced with essence of freshly-sliced cucumber. Delicious with gin.

Pear, Spice & Lime is a spirited blend of sweet pear and ginger flavours, with

a touch of warm spice. Rounded off with essence of lime. Rum is its rightful


Ginger & Lemongrass is a quirky mix of spicy ginger extract and the subtle

flavour of lemongrass. Enchanted with essence of lime it’s a perfect

companion with bourbon.

Gloworm: we’re rethinking mixers, we’re rethinking drinking. Meet us at and follow us on Facebook

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Drank these on their own and enjoyed them. The cucumber was very refreshing and the ginger had just the right zing.
Didn't like at all and thought the cans were too small for a normal mixer
Vile tasting thanks to using sweetners over sugar. Really unpleasant.
I drunk these on their own. I am usually against caffeine/energy drinks but was very pleasantly surprised. The flavours are different and intriguing not to mention delicious. I love the 'GloWorm' branding. I would buy these again.
Really nice refreshing product,will buy again but can't see to find a stockist
I don't like this sort of thing so gave them to my partner. He seemed to really enjoy them all except he said the cans where so small this made them too fizzy.
Absolutely loved these
Nice on their own, as well as a mixer.