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Degusta Box November 2014
Holy Cow Currys

We love our home cooked food – it’s very different from what you find in an Indian restaurant in the UK! Everyday home-cooked Indian food has delicate layers of flavour. It’s simple, healthy food

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Love this!
The korma sauce was very nice and not too creamy. We both love spicy food so thoroughly enjoyed the madras, the one we usually get isn't usually that spicy but this one had a real kick to it. The sauce was as if it had been made from scratch instead of the usually curry sauces you get in jars. Delishious. Would definitely buy again!
Korma sauce was ok, gave the stronger one away as none of us like hot curries
This made a nice change from my norm - made me actually think and plan and was enjoyable
Wow this was a very tasty sauce we had the rogan josh one and everyone who tasted it wanted to know where to buy it from
Passed the spicy on to a braver soul than myself but enjoyed the milder one
Impressed with this - didn't taste like a ready made sauce, more like I would make myself, so it made a great quick meal
Had the madras one bit too spicy for me
On my profile I put a low score for hot spices and seem to have got mainly hot spicy food. Gave the hottest curry sauce away and will try the mild one but not really a curry fan
Made a prawn curry with the madras mix, it was superb. I haven't tried the other flavour yet, but I assume it will be just as good!