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Degusta Box December 2014
Kent's Kitchen Meal Kits

All our products are made with natural ingredients, are produced in the UK and are free from additives, preservatives and flavourings. The ranges include meal kits, posh noodles, seasonings, stocks, gravies, stock pots, flavour shots, sauces, stuffings and bread sauce.Our meal kits are our hero products and are a quick and easy way to make an authentic meal by adding just two or three fresh components to the three small pots that make up the kit. The easy to follow instructions and a prep time of just 15-20 minutes means you can create a delicious, fresh meal even if you come home late. There are fourteen fabulous flavours in the range and many are vegetarian and suitable for coeliacs. The range includes Thai, Indian, Chinese and Brazilian kits.

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B ok if u could peel the label off without destroying the method of cooking on the back hence a disaster
Got the fish one, tried it but wasn't keen.