Kettle Chips

Degusta Box November 2014
Kettle Kettle Chips

Back by popular demand, KETTLE® Chips is reintroducing two of its most loved seasonings as limited editions for Christmas. Salsa & Mesquite was one of the original seasonings when the brand first launched in 1988; it combines tomatoes, chillies, peppers and the aroma of barbecues. Stilton & Port is a rich and distinctive flavour which brings together the creamy notes of Stilton cheese with the sweetness of port wine.

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Salsa mesquitte are delicious. It appears everywhere has discontinued selling them. Would llove these in my monthly box also.
We got the salsa and mesquite flavour, very more-ish! Kettle chips are always nice so I had high hopes and was not disappointed.
Tried the Stilton & Port flavour and loved them! Would never have bought this flavour as I don't like blue cheese so very glad to be able to try them like this. We had friends round that evening and they loved them too!
I had the Stilton and port ones and have to say I wasn't impressed :( they didn't have much flavour which is unusual for kettle crisps. Wouldn't buy
Received the stilton & port flavour and absolutely loved them.
The salsa & mesquite flavour was a pleasant surprise and thoroughly enjoyed
I had the salsa ones and thought they tasted like the cool flavour doritos wow these were good
Had the stilton and port flavour. kettle crisps are so moorish. nor my favourite favourite - a little bland
Got the Salsa and Mesquite and took them away for an evening snack in the hotel after we'd got the kids to sleep - very more-ish and probably very bad for hubby's diet!
I had the salsa & mesquite flavour very nice once you started couldn't stop