Cheesy Chicken & Leek Potato Bake

Degusta Box July 2014
Maggi Cheesy Chicken & Leek Potato Bake

Each packet contains a mix of delicious herbs and spices to help you make a delicious Cheesy Chicken & Leek Potato Bake. Follow the simple 3 step instructions on pack to create a delicious family meal.

Contains no artificial colours, no added MSG and No Hydrogenated vegetable oil

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Very disappointed with this product, realized after making it that the bbe date is end sept 2014, not good when you think you are getting new products to try. Made this and put half in fridge for next day, but it separated and looked curdled.
So tasty!
Not great for the waistline but good for a cheap meal
Loved this. Really tasty, easy to follow instructions on the back. Only problem was that after a day in the fridge when re-heated it tasted very, very vinagery. Eat on day of cooking!
Think it lacks a little flavour but nice x