Montano Cider

Degusta Box November 2014
Montano Montano Cider

Montano is an elegantly crafted Italian cider
made only from apples grown in the foothills
of the Trentino region of Northern Italy.
Nestling in the foothills of the Dolomites, these
orchards are the highest in Europe enjoying
fresh mountain air and over 300 days of
sunshine each year.
The result is a golden, elegantly sparkling, fruit
driven medium-dry cider with a refreshing, crisp
finish. A wine-like bouquet complemented
with an effervescent citrus aroma balances
the delicate and refined flavour making it perfect with Italian cuisine.

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Loved it! Not a big fan of cider normally, but will definitely by more of this!
Really enjoyed this, very tasty!
Strong apple flavour, wouldn't buy this
Not normally a cider drinker, but I really enjoyed this.
Really enjoyed this cider. Lovely crisp and refreshing flavour. Would thoroughly recommend it!
This went down treat - and im not even a fan of cider
Very refreshing! A huge bottle but it went down a treat, just need to find it in the shops now.
This was a really tasty cider I has mine with a lasanga
Refreshing. not too sweet
Really loved the taste of this cider!