Portlebay Popcorn


Degusta Box July 2014
Portlebay Popcorn Kracklecorn

Portlebay Popcorn is a new brand with an ambition to reinvent a classic
favourite snack – popcorn! So we created Kracklecorn. Popped by hand by
us, we add raw cane sugar into the pot just as the grains are popping to
give a delicious, more brittle, crunchy texture. Then we just add a bit of salt
and some natural flavours.

Original Kracklecorn: One bite of our sweet and salty artisan treat and the
love affair will begin.

Bacon and Maple Syrup Kracklecorn: Kracklecorn sprinkled with our natural Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup seasoning. Sweet and salty bacon heaven!

Chilli and Lime Kracklecorn: Tangy lime with kicks of chilli to bring crunchy
Kracklecorn to life.

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It's ok there are way better popcorn in the market.
The bacon and maple syrup flavour is amazing, I love it
It was alright but not really my thing
My personal favorite was the Chilli, not too sure about the Maple & Bacon flavour though.
Me and my girls loved this! We took on holiday and ate on the flight, the maple syrup and bacon was a hit!
Loved all but chill was the best
Loved these!! The classic salt and sweet one has converted me! Just the right level of flavour in the classic one. The chilli one was quite strong in flavour, but I still enjoyed it. Maple syrup and bacon was unusual but the flavours tasted very natural.
Love love love these. Sweet and salted my favourite.
Sweet and salted popcorn is quite possibly my favourite flavour combination ever... I couldn't possibly go to the cinema with plain old sweet again. :-) The chilli one went straight over to my husband. For me popcorn has to be sweet!
Found the chilli and lime flavour a little too strong but loved the other flavours and would definitely buy again.