Degusta Box October 2014
Solo Marshmallow

Solo Marshmallow Crème is a spreadable sweet treat from America. Think melted marshmallow and you’d be just about right!
It is incredibly versatile as an ingredient, especially in baking, and can be used in pie fillings, fudge and much, much more. It can also be enjoyed straight from the tub, even spread on toast!
Imported from the US by American food and drink experts American Soda, Solo Marshmallow Crème – and its twin Solo Toasted Marshmallow Crème, which offers a real campfire-like taste! – can be used in that all-American treat Marshmallow S’mores. That’s chocolate and marshmallow crème melted between two graham crackers.
Solo Marshmallow Crème is just one of over 1,800 American products imported by American Soda to the UK and Europe.
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Naughty and lush! Keep meaning to use it in baking, but eating it from a spoon is too good!
I received the roasted marshmallow tub, was very yummy and I used it in a buttercream to top cupcakes and oh my! Heavenly :-)
Awesome just on a spoon, but apparently even yummier in a sandwich with peanut butter (says the nine year old food expert)
A little too sweet for me but generally quite nice if using a thin layer on toast..
Great product, I got the toasted marshmallow and it tastes great on rich tea biscuits!
A bit too sweet for me. Not sure I liked it.
Toasted marshmallow flavour is very good, not as nice as the original marshmallow flavour but a good change. recipe on the tub is very handy also.
My daughter loved this no one else got a taste...more please!
My kids loved this on toast or on brioche
Very yummy we all enjoyed this especially my daughter