a2 Milk (TM)

Long Life Semi-Skimmed Cows' Milk 1L

Degustabox December 2016
a2 Milk (TM) Long Life Semi-Skimmed Cows' Milk 1L

a2 Milk™ is different, it is easy to digest because unlike regular milk it is naturally free from the A1 protein which can trigger symptoms often associated with lactose intolerance*.
a2 Milk™ is different because our cows are different. They are specially selected because they naturally produce milk with only the A2 protein.
"after having normal milk I would get really bloated … since using a2 I no longer feel bloated and the great thing is its delicious cows' milk." Gemma Williams.

*a2 Milk(TM) is not suitable for cows' milk protein allergy. If you have been medically diagnosed with any milk intolerance, seek advice from your doctor before use.

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