ALO Aloe Vera Drink

Degusta Box November 2017
ALO ALO Aloe Vera Drink

Alō is the only quality-proven brand of Aloe vera drinks in the UK drinks market today. We pride in and are confident of our premium quality, taste and experience. As Aloe vera drinks are already well known to be complementary to Asian dishes, Alō offers the best of its kind.


- Gluten, Aloin and Fat free

- Vegan (except the original, 'Alō Exposed')

- Alō juice made from the Aloe vera straight from the leaf (never constituted from powder, known as whole leaf aloe)

- Highest Aloe vera juice and pulp content among RTD Aloe drinks

- Juice and pulp extracted by hand filleting

- No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

- No emulsifiers or thickeners

Tastes lovely, just a bit of a strange texture.
I'm not a fan of alo as I hate anything with bits in. However my fiancé absolutely adores the stuff. He could drink it by the gallon. He said it was great tasting and refreshing.
Was a weird texture but ever so moreish
I enjoyed ALO, it is refreshing.
Really tasty very surprising
Tastes lovely!
Quite a nice unusual flavour.
Love the bottles , great refreshing tastes
Really refreshing and different from othe cold drinks plus it's good for you too x
It was refreshing

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