Bear Paws

Degusta Box October 2014
Bear Bear Paws

BEAR Paws are a delicious pure fruit snack with no added sugar, concentrates or any other nonsense. Available in 4 recipes- Dino (strawberry & apple), Jungle (apple & blackcurrant), Arctic (raspberry & blueberry) and Safari (strawberry & orange) they whisk kids off for a walk on the wild side. Find 5 special paw prints to track inside each bag- track terrific t-rexes and dodge dopey diplodocuses in our Dino pack, or watch out for chomping crocs in our Jungle paws! Made from gently baked fruit picked in season, never from concentrate, and containing no added sugar, preservatives or stabilisers, one 20g bag counts as 1 of your 5 a day. Available in all the supermarkets in the baby and toddler aisle.

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Didn't even last 30 seconds out the box before my 4 year old took them and said mine as he ran off, apparently I have to add them to my shopping list every day
Too chewy, didn't enjoy at all.
Very healthy & natural & delicious.
Not nice at all
Taste ok but stick to your teeth terribly.
Nice and healthy, great snack for kids to take to school
I didnt like these but my daughter wants me to buy them
My kids did not like these neither did i
Not my cup of tea too sweet too chewy, my son didnt like either