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Degusta Box August 2016
Capsicana Ltd Cook Sauce

The Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Cook Sauce is based on the classic dish 'Moqueca' ('mo-KEH-kah'). It's a flavoursome stew, commonly cooked in 'capixba' pans that are made out of black clay and mangrove tree sap. Usually featuring fish or any type of seafood, this sauce also goes well with vegetables, pork or chicken.

The Mexican Chilli & Honey Cook Sauce is based on 'Puerco al horno con salsa de chile ancho y miel', a classic (if lengthily named!)
Mexican dish. To recreate it, Capsicana use Mexican-grown chipotle & ancho poblano chilli peppers as well as honey, which has featured in the country's food since Mayan times. Honey's been integral to Mexican cooking ever since. Enjoy this sauce with any meat, fish or vegetables.

The Peruvian Chilli & Lemon Cook Sauce is based on Peru's 'Aji Verde' sauce – usually served with one of the country's most popular dishes, 'Pollo a la Brasa' (Peruvian roasted chicken – there's even a day named after it!). Capsicana use Peruvian-grown aji amarillo chilli peppers for 'kick', while the lemon provides a tangy citrus bite. So, follow the lead of the Peruvians and enjoy with chicken – though it works well with vegetables.
*You will receive either one of three flavours of Capsicana Cook Sauce OR Geeta's Mango Chutney OR Geeta's Curry Pastes in your Degustabox.

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