Dr. Oetker

Madagascan Vanilla Grinder

Degusta Box June 2014
Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder

Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder contains Madagascan Vanilla Pods, in an easy to use mill with fine or coarse grinding options. The Madagascan Vanilla Grinder gives the quality and intense flavour delivery of whole Vanilla Pods, with the convenience of an easy to use grinder. Simply grind into your cake or dessert mixes, or use as a delicious topping to enhance the flavour of sweet treats, coffee, hot chocolate and ice cream. The Madagascan Vanilla Grinder can be used instead of using vanilla extracts and flavourings.

Each pack conatins approximately 5 Madagascan Vanilla Pods chopped in an easy to use mill.

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I love this. another great addition to baking.
Fantastic, great idea and great to keep in the cupboard for baking.
Fantastic idea, really easy to use and lovely added to cake mix
WOW what more can I say but WOW
Great for adding that extra flavour Good idea with it being in alittle grinder
Brilliant idea, I used it to top rice pudding and it was delish
We love vanilla, great grinder, easy to use, add delicious vanilla flavour to anything!
Really great, love it!
I love this little vanilla grinder. I made cupcakes with this and it was delicious. I also added some to my coffee and don't think I can drink another coffee without it! Mmm.