Green & Blacks

Lemon Bar

Degusta Box July 2014
Green & Blacks Lemon Bar

Green & Black’s Lemon bar infuses our 60% Dark Chocolate with a zesty lemon flavour striking a balance between a fresh citrusy hit and enticing rich dark chocolate. The subtle lemon tang of the bar will transport you back to those long hot summer days of years gone by. Discover more at

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Loved this chocolate. The addition of the lemon was just lovely, unusual. Would defo buy again.
I like dark chocolate and the fact it was 60% seemed to make it less bitter than their other products. But the lemon was just a bit too strange for me. Refreshing, and cuts through the sweetness of chocolate well, but I wouldn't buy this particular flavour again.
I adore dark chocolate - the darker the better (although this is only 60% cocoa it still tasted quite dark). The addition of lemon was a pleasant surprise taste-wise.
Absolutely vile, don't really like dark chocolate anyway and the addition of a ghastly lemon flavour didn't change my mind one bit.
Not a lover of dark chocolate but my partner thought the lemon made it delicious
Not normally a fan of dark chocolate but with the lemon it was really yummy!
Very intense cocoa ,I'm not a fan of dark chocolate so not to my taste but my husband loved it
Not a big fan of dark chocolate but overall not a bad product! Love the G&B range.
Really loved this, although my husband wasn't as keen.
Perfect, the sharpness of the lemon was a nice contrast to the richness of the chocolate