Blueberry Cider

Degusta Box July 2014
Hornsby's Blueberry Cider

Hornsby’s, the American style cider is now available in Blueberry flavour!

Hornsby’s Crisp Apple Cider with Blueberry, blends the taste of refreshing apple with the mouth-wateringly sweet flavour of juicy, ripe blueberries – from LA to the UK, it’s the ultimate transatlantic combination!

Size matters! Hornsby's 330ml is the easy party drink and is best enjoyed 'the American way’, chilled and straight from the bottle, it’s how we do it in California…

Hornsby’s comes in three different flavour variants – Hornsby’s Crisp Apple with Blueberry, Hornsby’s Crisp Pear with Strawberry and Lime, and Hornsby’s Crisp Apple, which are available in Asda and Tesco in 330ml 4-packs, from £5, as well as selected bars across the UK.

For more information on Hornsby’s cider please visit www.hornsbys.co.uk and keep up to date on the latest news at Facebook.com/Hornsbys and Twitter.com/HornsbysUK.

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Loved this cider!!
Really enjoyed this cider!!
Tasted a little artificial, but I still loved this and would buy it if my local supermarket (Sainsbury's) stocked it. Then again, for smaller sized bottles, the price seems a little on the high side.
A good cider flavour, but the blueberry was so fake tasting it almost made me gag. My husband said the same. Such a shame as I loved the strawberry and lime flavour.
Very sweet, good if you like sugary drinks (I do!), but tastes more like fanta than cider
Didn't taste very blueberry-ish, did leave a slight after taste of the fruit though. However, was really enjoyable and tasty.
Not too bad but still tastes like cider. If you like cider then great. Personally I prefer Rekorderlig as this doesn't taste of cider, just of the flavour it states.
Think I've found my new favourite cider!! This is lovely, great blueberry flavour goes down rather nicely on a hot day!
I love flavoured cider but this is definatly one of the nicest I've tasted.
My type of thing really nice flavour