Coconut and Lime

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Lorina Coconut and Lime
Lorina is a premium French lemonade that has been handcrafted since 1895. Lorina uses 100% natural ingredients, free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Coconut and lime is refreshing and unique, serve it chilled, over ice or mixed with a splash of alcohol. Lorina has a wide range of flavours also available in 330ml and 750ml glass.
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Amazing and refreshing loved it
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Really quite refreshing
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This was so refreshing, i would like to know where i can buy some. i will defiantly have it again.
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Really didn't think i would like this but was pleasantly surprised not to coconutty which made me think i would like it but it was nice
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loved the taste and light sparkle. i don't like fizzy drinks in general, but really liked this
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I was surprised that i liked the taste of this drink, but it was very refreshing!
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