So Baked Oriental Soy & Garlic Chicken

Degusta Box July 2014
Maggi So Baked Oriental Soy & Garlic Chicken

This So Juicy packet contains a delicious Oriental Soy & Garlic recipe for Chicken along with a special cooking bag that helps lock in all the juices so there is no need to add oil!

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Great flavours, and ultra-moist chicken with the use of the bag. I would. however, agree with the comment that it made the chicken an unappealing colour. Having said that though, it didn't bother us and the chicken was eaten quite happily by the whole family!
Very easy to use,and a good flavour but the colour of the chicken after cooking was very unappetising ,I sliced it up and it looked better this way,what use this product again the cook in a bag format makes less mess and no horrible cooking pans to wash up afterwards
Not a huge fan of this one, the bag split and the chicken ended up a little dry.
Had this for tea this evening. Only used it on salmon and was still successful! Very nice!
I baked this with friends for dinner and it was a huge hit, the chicken was perfectly flavoured and stayed really juicy
Really easy to prepare and is so delicious will be adding this to my shopping list!
Really nice x