Plain & Gluten Free Snackers

Degusta Box August 2016
Rakusen's Plain & Gluten Free Snackers

Rakusen’s has been producing delicious, healthy crackers since 1900. In fact, we were the first manufacturer in the UK ever to do so. Our entire range of crackers & snackers is flame-baked to a traditional recipe, giving each bite a unique but subtle nutty flavour.

Rakusen’s Plain & Gluten Free 85g Snackers
Snacking never felt so good...
With less than 1% fat and only seven calories in every cracker, Rakusen’s Snackers really do get better with every guilt-free bite.
Great with a topping or without, they are the perfect healthy lunchbox treat that can also serve as a low fat snack any time. Also available in Gluten Free!

· low in fat
· low in sugar and salt
· dairy free
· nut free

Available to buy from Tesco & Sainsbury’s and online from Ocado!

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