Basmati Rice

Degusta Box April 2016
Veetee Basmati Rice

Veetee microwaveable rice range, in the main, caters for busy people leading busy lives. You have to contend with things like a half empty mid-week fridge, getting home late from work or your kid’s friends turning up unexpectedly for tea or just taking your time to cook something special.

Anything that can help or inspire you to serve up a nutritious, tasty meal without too much of a song and dance is a big help. That’s why at Veetee, it’s our mission to show how versatile our rice can be.

Our heat and eat range has flavours from across the globe. So whatever, you fancy, we’ve got a rice for that. After all, variety is the spice of life. It takes just 2 minutes to heat and you know at least one part of the dish will be spot on every time.

Also, we’re only talking about rice. Just how complicated do we need to make it?

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