Weetabix Additions Apple & Raisin

Degusta Box November 2017
Weetabix Weetabix Additions Apple & Raisin

Our new Weetabix Additions range is high in taste: 100% whole grain with a burst of delicious fruit. Delight your senses with a nutritious breakfast that’s packed full of flavour with delicious apple, juicy raisins and warming cinnamon promising temptingly tasty goodness in every bite. Have you had your Weetabix?

Great flavour combination, I enjoy regular Weetabix, but will probably buy this flavour moving forward.
I usually skip breakfast but these looked appealing and tasted lovely went down well with the whole family
Very nice but prefer the coconut & raisin variety
Tasty breakfast option.
They are very tasty but I think a little too expensive for what they are.
Liked the last weetabix additions that was included in the box and this is just as good
I absolutely loved this cereal. It makes all the difference with the raisins and apples! I'm not the biggest fan of normal wheetabix but these are so delicious.
Taste wasn't for me.

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