Mild Piquanté Peppers

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PEPPADEW Mild Piquanté Peppers
PEPPADEW Piquante Peppers deliver a truly unique tongue twisting sweet heat taste sensation! On their own with drinks, added to snacks or included as an ingredient they are sensationally versatile. Gluten free, zero calorie rated, without additives/preservatives/colourings you can find us in all major supermarkets and at
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Fab, great in curry's , chili con carne, pasta dishes on my 3rd jar! not something i would eat on its own but a real cupboard must, a chop them up throw them in add the flavour :)
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Really struggled getting lid off!! but glad i persevered as was a really tasty addition to pasta sauce, slightly spicy and sweet, nice.
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Weird after taste but i still ate them all up.
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