Cinnamon Apple Crisps

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Tyrrells Cinnamon Apple Crisps
“Pip pip” for our new Apple Crisps! We've created two lovely variants, Smashingly Cinnamony and Perfectly Plain. We use the whole apple so not a morsel of the fruit goes to waste, even leaving their smart red coats on, so they look (as well as taste) fantastic! Perfect with a morning coffee or as a sweet treat in the afternoon, pick them up in convenient 30g packs from quality independents across the country and Sainsbury's.
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Absolutely love these and they are one of my 5 a day, wish i could find these in shops and not just online
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All the family love these. if only we could find them in shops we would be addicts!
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A bit different, nice texture but very sweet.
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They were like crispy apples, but with cinnamon. beautiful.
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Just right for a swee craving
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